Way To Heaven

by Av.i & Besnine



Original sample from: The Golden Gate Quartet - Anyhow

Here's a story to read if you want to fully enjoy the music:

Av.i & Besnine have just died in a tragic domestic accident:

- I told you chickpeas would explode in the oven.
- Yeah but they’re so good…
- Yeah but we’re dead dude…
- Lol.

They discover the pleasures of the afterlife. They can now hear and see everything, be everywhere and travel at the speed of light!

At their own funeral, the two fellas rather dance than cry! Guided by the prayers of their loved ones, they groove like they had never grooved before on earth.

They'd like to go on but everyone is already leaving. When the music stops, they suddenly notice how quickly life has passed. But it's alright, they're in peace now, and they know they're on their way to heaven anyhow.


released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Besnine Paris, France

You might find me in the studio, working on some funky beats.

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